Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Three of the best: Blogs I could read all day

Twinkle: so not PC but I loved it anyway

I was addicted to magazines from an early age. I first got hooked on Twinkle, which my nana used to send me every week, moved on to Mandy, Jackie and Company and eventually succumbed to the hard stuff - Cosmo and Vogue.

I still subscribe to a couple and can't wait to flick through the glossy pages when they arrive, but these days you're far more likely to find me browsing a blog when I have a few minutes to spare. I follow quite a few and it was tough narrowing my favourites down to three, but these made the cut for one common reason - the way the personality of the blogger shines through their words:

Styling You: Nikki Parkinson's blog is, as the name suggests, devoted to helping women look and feel their best every day. There are fashion and beauty posts, tips on blogging and even occasional travel tips and ideas. My favourite thing about Nikki's blog is that she has created a real community here; most readers pop in regularly, she replies to almost every comment and is generous to a fault with her advice. If you like the blog and fancy a bit more Nikki, she published her first book Unlock your Style earlier this year.

Maggie Alderson's Style Notes: Maggie is a British author and journalist who has had her own love affair with Australia. I started reading her style columns in The Times when I still lived in the UK and was delighted to find her writing in Good Weekend when I moved to Sydney. The unusual thing about Maggie is that she writes about fashion, but can also be very funny. I still remember laughing so hard I snorted tea out through my nostrils when reading a column she'd written about the pitfalls of choosing a  brown bathrobe. Being mistaken for a monk for starters.

Savidge Reads: Simon Savidge is the man behind this blog and describes himself as 'the bookaholic with a beard.' He is indeed and is also a very amusing writer - his book reviews plus descriptions of life in the North of England are best enjoyed with a strong cup of tea and a custard cream. Savidge Reads also features interviews with authors and a regular series on Other People's Bookshelves (you can read about mine here). He has just been nominated for the UKBlogAwards and definitely gets my vote.

It seems as though every man and his dog has a blog these days - and that's just fine with me. I love that no matter how niche your interests, no matter how small your voice, blogging can connect you with like-minded people.

Just as I used to fall in love with new magazines when I was growing up (and Twinkle will always have a special place in my heart), I love to discover great new blogs. So if you have any recommendations to share, please do post them in the comments below.


  1. Hi Persephone. I was drawn to your blog by the beautiful, natural photo of you, as well as the 'Twinkle' memories which took me back. Back a long, long way. Thank you for that trip down Memory Lane.

  2. Hi Nicki,

    Thank you for your kind comments. Always good to meet another member of the Twinkle Club : )

    I've just checked out your blog and love your idea of challenging yourself to read 50 books and watch 50 films in 2015. Think I need to up my quotas too - thank you for the inspiration!